Modules for Stakeholders

"Operators and Certification Bodies Please note that any request for correction in the wrongly entered data (ICS, scope certificate or TC ) on tracenet will be amended by the tracenet team only if the request is received within one week of wrong entry"


TraceNet is an internet based electronic service offered by APEDA to the stakeholders for facilitating process certification for export of organic products from India which comply with the NPOP or NOP standards. TraceNet collects, stores and reports - forward and backward traces and quality assurance data entered by the operators / producer groups and certification bodies within the organic supply chain in India.
While APEDA makes all efforts with regard to proper functioning of the TraceNet, it does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect for any error or omission, which may occur on account of improper or wrong information entered into the TraceNet by its users, nor would APEDA be responsible in any manner for any discrepancy or resultant trade loss of revenue or trade. The sole responsibility for verification and validation of the genuineness and correctness of the data captured and certifications issued lies with the operators / producer groups and accredited certification bodies.