Sheep & Goat Meat

Goats - Sheep constitute a very important species of livestock in India, mainly on account of their short generation intervals, higher rates of prolificacy, and the ease with which the goats as also their products can be marketed. They are considered to be very important for their contribution to the development of rural zones and people.
Areas of Production:
Goats from Rajasthan, West Bengal, UP, Bihar and Sheep from Telangana, AP, and Karnataka are the Indian regions with the maximum livestock population. (Source: 20th Livestock census)
Export Scenario
India has exported 9,592.31 MT of Sheep & Goat meat to the world for the worth of Rs. 537.18 Crores/ 66.92 USD Millions during the year 2022-23(Source: DGCIS).
Major Export Destinations (2022-23): United Arab EMTs, Qatar, Kuwait, Maldives and Oman (Source: DGCIS) The individual products under this sub-head are as below:
HSCode Product HSCode Product
02042100 Carcasses And Half-Carcasses Of Sheep, Fresh Or Chilled 02045000 Meat Of Goats
02041000 Carcasses And Half-Carcasses Of Lamb, Fresh Or Chilled 02068010 Edible Offal Of Sheep And Goat, Fresh/Chilled
02044200 Other Cuts With Bone In Of Sheep, Frozen 02044300 Boneless Meat Of Sheep, Frozen
02044100 Carcasses And Half-Carcasses Of Sheep, Frozen
Source: DGCIS