Processed Meat

Meat processing helps to produce value added, variety and convenience meat products to meet lifestyle requirements. For efficient use of tough meat from spent buffalo, the development of value-added convenient meat products has been carried out, wherein meat and other components are minced to reduce their particle size and other ingredients are incorporated to improve the processing quality and palatability. (Source: IVRI and MOFPI)

Export Scenario:
India has exported 331.57 of processed meat to the world worth Rs. 11.72 Crores/ 1.47 USD Millions during the year 2022-23 (Source-DGCIS)
Major Export Destinations (2022-23): Kuwait, Bhutan, Qatar, U Arab Emts, Turkey and Cambodia
The individual products under this sub-head are as below:
HSCode Product HSCode Product
16025000 Prepared/Preserved, Meat Offals Of Bovine Animals (Excl. Homogenised Preps.) 16023900 A Other Prepared Preserved Poultry Of Heading No. 0105
16010000 Sausages & Similar Products, Of Meat/Meat Offal/Blood; Food Preparations Based On These Products 16021000 Homogenised Preparations Of Prepared/Preserved. Meat/Meat Offal Or Blood
16023200 A Prepared /Preserved Meat, Meat Offal / Blood Of Fowls Of The Species Gallus Domesticus 16029000 Other, Including Preparations Of Blood Of Any Animal
16030010 Extracts & Juices Of Meat
Source: DGCIS