Revised Grape Testing Charges
Dear All,
You are all aware that grape testing charges were earlier fixed at Rs. 7,000/- per sample. Before start of the 2009 season, laboratories have been insisting that these charges should be increased. This issue was discussed in detail in a meeting with the laboratories on 13th October, 2008 at Pune, where representatives of exporters and farmers were also present. In light of the discussions, it was decided not to increase the testing charges. It has now come to our notice that a number of laboratories are offering discount ranging upto Rs. 2000/- per sample. Some laboratories have represented to us in writing to allow them to offer discounts, particularly, where the volume of business from exporters is relatively more. This matter has today been discussed with the President of Grape Growers' Federation at Nashik in detail and it is confirmed that laboratories have offered substantial discount even up to Rs. 2000/- per sample.
APEDA's concern is that with the present scenario, the benenfit of discount is largely going to bigger exporters and traders who are sending a number of containers. This means that the small exporters and farmers are placed at a considerable dis-advantage due to erosion of their competitiveness on account of non-availability of such discounts. APEDA feels that all exporters should get equal advantage when it comes to Government subsdity and the farmers, particularly, small farmers should also be equally benefited. It has, therefore, been decided that the cost of testing charges will be Rs. 5000/- per sample with immediate effect. The APEDA software is being modified in this regard. The applicable subsidy will be reimbursed to registered exporters for passed samples after the shipment of grapes from such plot(s) has been effected, as mentioned in para 5 of the APEDA circular issued on 8th December 2008(already placed on the APEDA website).
We hope there would be no further representations with regard to revision in the testing charges.
This circular is also being placed on our website.
  With regards,
  S. Dave
Director - APEDA