Dear Sirs/Madam,
This is further to our letter of 25th October, 2006 enclosing `Regulation of export of fresh grapes to the European Union through control of pesticide/drug residues' for the 2007 grape season. In this connection, it has been decided to make the following modifications based on the discussions with the industry and other concerned stakeholders :
1 The modified Annexures - 7 & 11 along with updated MRL values required to be followed during the 2007 grape season are enclosed.
2. The modified Annexure - 14 with the following major amendments required to be followed during the 2007 grape season is enclosed :
  • The approved chemists will stack-seal the consignment after inspection in the cold store. The temperature in cold store should be maintained in the range of 0-1oC and Relative Humidity (RH) in the range of 90-95%. This has been added at para 9 of II - Procedure for obtaining Certificate of Agmark Grading (CAG) for export.
  • Each CAG will carry a validity date which shall be 15 days from the date of issue. This has been added at para 12 of II - Procedure for obtaining Certificate of Agmark Grading (CAG) for export.
  • There is a minor modification in the para at the end of ANNEX - E.
3. The following additions are made in Para 7.4 (Procedure for issue of phyto sanitary certificates) of the main RMP document :
xii) The PSC officials shall verify from the data logger equipment attached to the cold store that the consignment has been maintained in the cold store in the temperature range of 0-1oC and Relative Humidity (RH) of 90-95%.
xiii) The PSC officials shall also verify the stack-seal made by the Agmark inspecting officials of the laboratory before issue of PSC and stuffing of the consignment into the container.
4. Based on the representation made by the representatives of laboratories with regard to increasing the testing charges, a meeting was held at NRC Grapes, Pune on 28th December, 2007 under the chairmanship of Director, National Referral Laboratory. It was observed that the list of the pesticides to be monitored has been expanded from 81 in the last season to 90 in the current season, because of which, the laboratories are required to incur more expenditure towards the procurement of the certified reference materials (CRM); they are analyzing all the samples in duplicate to confirm their results; the recurrent expenditure has increased in terms of the cost of solvents for extraction and chromatographic analysis, manpower, electricity charges, etc.; and, they have expanded their analytical instrumentation facilities to give better output in terms of quality and efficiency. Keeping these aspects and the need to maintain credibility of the testing, it was decided that the grape testing charges for the 2007 season would be retained at Rs.7,000/- per sample as applicable during the previous years. APEDA's financial assistance would, therefore, be restricted to Rs.3,500/- for the first sample of a grape plot.
The above amendments have also been hosted on the APEDA website.
With Best Wishes for the New Year,
S. Dave
Director - APEDA
Revised Annexure 7 Revised Annexure 11 Revised Annexure - 14