There is already substantial export of Gherkins from India. Considering the potential of export of Gherkins and the competitive advantage that India enjoys, the project for setting up of Agri Export Zone for Gherkins in and around Bangalore was formulated. This project entails a total investment of around Rs. 11 crores out of which around Rs. 7.75 crores will come from the private sector for setting up processing plants, the remaining will come from various Central and Government Agencies. It is expected that there will be quantum increase in export of Gherkins with an additional export of more than Rs. 35.25 Crores in the next 5 years. This projection could go up if the duties imposed by the European Union on Gherkins are brought down. The primary focus of the project is towards pest and disease management, productivity enhancement and post harvest handling, apart from emphasis on marketing the product