In view of the large scale potato production in the country in general and in the Districts of Agra, Farukkhabad, Kannauj, Meerut and Bagpat, in particular the idea of setting up of Agri Export Zone was mooted. The primary constraint in the export of this product related to the small size, early sprouting and high starch content. Steps have already been taken to overcome these handicaps and such steps are proposed to be further strengthened through a focused approach in the AEZ. There are ready markets available in Sri Lanka and the Middle East once these aspects are taken care of. The project envisages an investment of Rs. 10.41 crore in phase one which is likely to last for a couple of years. Out of this amount, Rs. 8.93 crore will come from central and state government agencies and the remaining amount will be invested by the private sector. The focus during this phase would be on quality and productivity improvement through improved seed availability, as well as pre-harvesting techniques. A total value of Rs. 555 crores is expected to be exported in the next Five years. It is expected that value realization in the domestic market will also improve around 600 farmers are likely to be benefited in the initial phase.