Being one of the largest producers of potato, onion and garlic and the fact that the proposed area of Madhya Pradesh is extremely suitable for these crops, a decision was taken by the Steering Committee to set up Agri Export Zone for these products to tap the potential international market. The Zone will cover districts of Malva, Ujjain, Indore, Dhar and Shajapur. The project involves an investment of around Rs. 50 crores out of which Rs. 20 crores will flow from Central Government agencies and the remainder will be provided by private sector agencies. The project entails organizing futuristic research on variety improvement, setting up disease forecasting system, demonstration of crop husbandry practices, manpower and logistic support for training and extension services, strengthening and creation of infrastructure required for supply chain management and aggressive marketing. This project is likely to benefit 3000 farmers and would entail an incremental exports of around Rs. 5 crores in the first year itself which will increase to around Rs. 50 crores in the next 5 years.