Chittoor district in the State of Andhra Pradesh has a cluster of mango pulp exporting unit. To leverage the advantages of an Agri Export Zone and to use additional infrastructure facilities both for the purpose of mango processing as well as vegetables, an AEZ has been approved by the Steering committee. The Zone will cover the entire Chittoor district. A substantial amount of backward integration has already been done in this area. All this will benefit the Agri Exports Zone which entails a total investment of around 53 crores of rupees out of which around Rs. 20 crores will flow from various Central Government agencies like APEDA, National Horticulture Board, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, etc. The State Government agencies will also contribute an amount of around Rs. 9.5 crores, with the remaining amount coming from the private sector. It is expected that this additional investment will lead to an incremental export of more than Rs. 250 crores in the next 5 years, apart from considerably enhancing domestic sales as well. More than 500 farmers will stand to benefit directly.