Karnataka has been known for taking initiatives for promoting floriculture industry. Off late, Government of India has also taken number of steps to facilitate exports. With a view to packaging these efforts so as to address a variety of issues in the value chain, it was felt that an Agri Export Zone for flowers may be set up in Karnataka. Consequently the Steering Committee sanctioned this project. The area of this project is contiguous with the area of Agri Export Zone for flowers sanctioned in Tamilnadu. Thus, the infrastructure created in one Zone can be used by the other Zone as well. Agri Export Zone in Karnataka entails an investment of around Rs. 29.28 crores, out of which Rs. 12.11 crores will come from Central Government agencies, Rs. 7.37 crores from State Government agencies and the remaining from the private sector. There is an anticipated incremental export of around Rs. 312 crores in the next five years. This Zone will benefit around 1000 farmers apart from generating a lot of indirect employment.