Addendum 2
As mentioned in the tender, a pre-bid meeting was organized on 8th December 2009, at APEDA office for enabling the prospective bidders to understand the scope of the work and deliverables clearly. The queries of the participants were responded. Regarding one of the query about eligibility of consortium for participating in the tendering process, a view has been taken that the lead vendor in the consortium should fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender.
Following may also be noted in connection to the said tender:
“Issue of Farm registration number” (listed from a to m) point no. a - shall be through the Global Location Number (GLN).
“Standard requirements” (listed from a to m) point no. c - may be read as “Exporter consignment creation and their sourcing details – should facilitate generation of barcoded labels to be applied on consignments using GS1 standards as is being done for GrapeNet.”
“Provision for integration with other agencies” (listed from a to m) point no. g – Traceability system shall provision for use of GS1 standards for Product /consignment identification, farm/legal entity/location identification, data exchange etc. The system should be open, interoperable, global standards based, scalable and enable compliance with a wide range of global traceability requirements. Traceability system should be able to interface, query and provide traceability data when required by other bodies like EIC, MOEF, FSSAI, buyers, other Regulatory bodies etc. To enable this, GS1 traceability standards should be incorporated within the traceability system.
“Provision for RFID implementation” (listed from a to m) point no. m – provision for barcoding and RFID implementation to establish physical traceability alongwith system traceability.